CableDeconn Thunderbolt 3 Hub USB-C USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI 4K 30Hz 3xUSB3.0 TF SD Card Type-C PD Portable Dock Adapter
  • CableDeconn Thunderbolt 3 Hub USB-C USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI 4K 30Hz 3xUSB3.0 TF SD Card Type-C PD Portable Dock Adapter

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    Thunderbolt 3 type-c to hdmi 4k adapter usb3.1 to usb hub dock Multiport converter charging cbale for macbok HDTV projector Se si dispone di una porta usb-c Del Computer Portatile, ma il vostro pensare dello schermo del vostro computer portatile è piccolo, in modo che si avrà bisogno di il nostro questo usb-c docking per collegare al vostro display esterno. Se avete bisogno di passare in rassegna il tuo SD e TF di contenuto nel vostro computer portatile o esterna grande display, ma il vostro computer portatile non fornire la Porta Della Carta di TF e SD, è possibile utilizzare il nostro 7IN1 Docking Se avete bisogno di Passare In Rassegna il tuo Dischi USB e collegare Tastiere e Mouse per operare il vostro Computer Portatile, ma il vostro computer portatile non fornire extra USB3.0 Porte, è possibile utilizzare il nostro 7IN1 Docking.

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Product Description:

When you will need this:

If you have a usb-c Laptop,but your think your laptop's screen is small,so you will need our this usb-c docking  to connect to your external displays.

If you need to browse your SD and TF's content in your laptop or external large displays,but your laptop do not provide TF and SD Card Port,you can use our 7IN1 Docking

If you need to Browse your USB Disks and connect Keyboards and Mouse to operate your Laptop,but your laptop do not provide extra USB3.0 Ports,you can use our 7IN1 Docking.


What Interface it Has Contained:

1xHDMI V1.4 Female Port,max support resolution reach to UHD 3840x2160 4K Video and Images.
3xUSB3.0 Female Port,max support data transmissions reach to 5Gbps5V 9A Power is available,backward compatible with USB2.0,hot plug and play
1xTF Card Female Port,USB2.0 Transmit,plug and play.
1xSD Card Female Port,USB2.0 Transmit,Plug and Play.
1xUSB-C Female Port,supporting Charging your laptop while you are using.
Operation Instructions:
1:Connecting USB-C Male from our 7in1 USB-C hub to your DP Alternate Mode Supported Laptops.
2:Connecting a 4K HDMI Cable in our Hub's HDMI Female Port to your 4K Available External Displays'Female HDMI Port.(displays including your HDTV ,Monitors and Projectors)
3:Connecting your 3A*20V Charger to our USB-C female for Power your Laptop.
4:Connecting your USB3.0 device,like mouse,keyboard,USB disks,USB Flash Drivers and other USB device to our Hub's USB 3.0 Port,so that you can achieved your relatively purposes(Optional)
5:Connecting your TF and SD card to our Hub's port,so that you can view your content in Laptop ,even your large external dosplays.

Type-C Compatibility List (No Complete List)

Dell xp3 13 9370 2018
-2018 Macbook Pro
-2017 Macbook Pro
- 2016 MacBook Pro
- 2015 MacBook 12"
- ChromeBook Pixel
- Dell XPS 13-9350-R1609 13.3", XPS 15
- Acer V15 Nitro
- Samsung Notebook 9 900X5L-K01
- HuaWei MateBook
-Acer Switch Alpha 12
-hp SpecterX2
-Cube i7 book
-ASUS Zenbook 3
-XiaoMi Air 12
-Acer V17 Nitro
-Samsung S8
(To be Updated)

Important Notes:
1:The HDMI Port can Max Support Resolution to 3840X2160 4K@30Hz with Single Input.If you want to diaplay 4K video in your monitor,it also need you have 4K Source,4K Cable and 4K Displays.
2:This Adapter works well with your Chromebook,Macbook Pro and most of your laptops that support USB-C DP Alt Mode.But for its compatibility towards tablet and smart phones,please contact with us before buy.
3:If you connect usb-c male to your laptop's usb-c female,please make sure the USB-C male is inserted completely to the female in the computer and tightly
4:The USB-C Female port is only for Charging and it can not use for data and video transmitting.
5:The TF and SD Card can be used simultaneously.


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