CableDeconn HDMI Female 1080p to 3 RCA Male Video Audio Converter Cable Adapter for HDMI TV Sticks 3RCA TV Monitors Proj
  • CableDeconn HDMI Female 1080p to 3 RCA Male Video Audio Converter Cable Adapter for HDMI TV Sticks 3RCA TV Monitors Proj

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    1:Hemi to 3RCA converter: All in one HDMI to 3RCA cable allow you to convert signal from your HDMI device, including Fire TV sticks, PC, laptop, HD player, TV box etc. to your normal 3RCA/AV device, including TV, monitors and projectors. Note 1: The HDMI is female connection, if you connect from your HDMI female input device, a separately HDMI cable is needed, but not included. Note 2: NTSC/PAL system Switch 2:1080p video: support video output max to 1080p in your output Compatible device. Output the Audio synchronization with the video. Note: if you would like to have 1080p video in your output device, you must be sure that your device is available for resolution of 1080p 3:Usb cable for power: this HDMI to 3RCA cable equipped with an additional USB cable. In case No signal detected, when you are using Please connect the USB cable to your adapter or USB device for power 4:Essay to use and portable: well sized, no need to install drivers, Plug and play, portable and flexible. Note: only for HDMI to 3RCA converter, can not be used as 3RCA to HDMI 5:Widely compatible device: PS3, PS4, VHS, VCR, DVD, PC, blue-ray, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Roku Chromecast, Roku TV, Apple TV, older TV, smart TV, monitor, projector

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Product Description:

UPC Code:  695937722349  

<b>What you will Get:</b><br> <br> 1xHDMI Female to 3RCA/AV Male 30cm Cable with USB<br><br> <b>Operation Instruction:</b><br> <br> 1:Connecting the HDMI female head of the product to your HDMI cable or tv sticks with HDMI Head.<br> 2:ConnectING the other end of HDMI cable to your main input device,such as a PC,Laptop,Etc.<br> 3:Connecting the 3RCA port of the Product to your tv,projector or monitor's Color corresponding interface.Yellow for Video Signal,White for left channel of audio and red for right channel.<br> 4:Connect the product's USB port to USB devices for power input.<br> 5:Remember to adjust the display port to the port signal input source you are connected to.<br><br><b>Important Notes:</b><br> <br> 1:This cable is only converting signal from your HDMI device to your 3RCA/AV device,can n ot be used to shift video from your 3RCA device to your HDMI device.<br> 2:Output the audio synchronization with the video only be available for your output devices supporting speaker and audio output.<br>3:After you powered our Converter,if you still can not get picture to display in your Monitors correctly,please switch our NTSC/PAL button in the adapter by manual,it will help you to obtain the suitable resolution in your monitors,to make sure clear video and picture<br>4:This HDMI to 3RCA converter is mainly used for TV Sticks or old HDMI input Devices,if you conect to HDMI computers as your input devices,your window will display Blurred,but if you play your video,you will still get the right resolution<br><br><b> Warranty Policy:</b><br> <br> 18 Month worry-free warranty, Lifetime Technical Support,24 hr dedicated email customer support.<br>

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