CableDeconn thunderbolt 3 hdmi hub usb c dock to hdmi hdmi 2IN1 adapter cable converter extend to different image for ma
  • CableDeconn thunderbolt 3 hdmi hub usb c dock to hdmi hdmi 2IN1 adapter cable converter extend to different image for ma

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Product Description:

2.0 General Features


HDMI Port can Max Support Resolution to UHD 3840*2160 4k with 30Hz

2XHDMI Ports can be connected Simultaneously.2XHDMI
 can be connected to two displays to get 4k UHD Video.But please make sure your all two separately displays are 4k Monitor,and your connected cables to your monitors also are 4k Cable,a originally 4k video source is also needed.If two 4k monitors are connected Simultaneously,only 4k 30hz can be displayed.

3.0 Special Features:

3.0a:This 2in1 USB-C To 2XHDMI
 Adapter allows you to Extend your laptops to different images in your external monitors.But please pay attention:

(1) Only Use a Thunderbolt 3 port on your Windows system supports MST extend ,Because of the limitations of the system itself, Under Windows system, the 2XHDMI
 can expand the screen(extend laptop’s image ,display the different Image in 4K external monitors ), but can only output sounds on one device. The audio output device needs to be set up in the ‘control panel’ – ‘sound’ (select the device that needs to be output, and right-click as the default device)

(2) Under Mac OS does not support MST extend ,It can only support mirroring mode, the 2X HDMI Ports
can only output the same Image 4K 30HZ(different from the main screen, but the expanded two screens are the same), and the sound can be output from the two devices at the same time.

3.0b: Expand Function Operation Instructions:

(1)Insert your USB-C male into your Computer Device,Connect 2 HDMI Cable(4k)(sold separately)from our Adapter to your Monitor.

(2)Select Display Setting in your laptop’s menu,choose extend your laptops to different monitors.

(3)Drag your Main Screen’s images to different monitors to achieve the function of extend different images in external monitors.

4.0 Compatible Models:

USB Type-C Compatible with computers(DP Alt Mode Supported) with video output capable USB-C ports such as Apple 2016 MacBook,2017 Macbook Pro, Google Chromebook Pixel, ThinkPad P50/P70, Dell XPS 12 2-in-1 9250, 13 9350, 15 9550, Latitude 12 2-in-1 7275, 13 7370, E5570, Precision 15 3510/5510, 17 7510/7710, Alienware 13/15/17, HuaWei Matebook,XiaoMi Air 12,XiaoMi Air 13 ,Cube i7 Book,Acer V15 Nitro,Acer V17 Nitro,SamSung Note book-9 900x5l-k01 Asus ROG GX700, G752, Zenbook Pro UX501VW, HP EliteBook x2 1012, Folio, Zbook Studio Mobile Workstation, Acer Predator G9 15/17, MSI GS 40/60, HP SpecterX2,HP Specter X360 and Razer Blade Stealth.

USB Type-c Adapter only compatible with Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 and HuaWei Mate 10.

5.0 Important Notes:

1:This adapter is only designed for computer Support DP Alt Mode, not for tablets and smartphones(Except for Samsung Galaxy S8)

2:If you connect this Adapter to HDMI and DisplayPort Simultaneously via Samsung S8 and HuaWei Mate 10,It can only Mirror your main screen,can not expand your main screen to different images.

3:The Mac OS Computer can not extend your main laptop to different images in different external monitors,but windows computer can do.

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